As an art dealer, I have always been involved in handling and encountering beautiful objects. I have also been aware of the concept of space and, in turn, I began to think deeply about this journey of life. We know that we are born and inevitably we will die, yet it is what we do with that time that really counts.


It is the memories we make, the stories we have been told or the ones that we tell, the powerful encounters in spaces both familiar and comforting or foreign and exciting that truly define us.


Life is a multi-sensory experience, an empty space waiting to be designed and filled with meaning and depth.


In the creation of my galleries, I always pursued a minimalistic aesthetic. While expanding my art gallery, I decided to embrace the design world, encompassing not only beautiful art but functional art as well.


Thus, CUBE was born from the harmonious marriage of art and design.


When deciding which brands to align the company with, Vitra – and Artek – was, without doubt, my first choice. The reason was simple: Vitra believes in the power of superior design, thorough product development, and in lasting relationships with their customers, employees and designers.


They recognise the importance of the historical time-line and evolution of design, making Vitra the most iconic furniture design and manufacturing company in the world.


We subsequently introduced Artemide – the global lighting pioneers, and most recently Gandiablasco and Gan for characterful outdoor design solutions and textiles.


A space is lifeless without sensible and emotional illumination, and often people underestimate the power of well-designed lighting systems and luminaires. Artemide is well known for its vision of the relationship between man, light and the environment.


In South Africa, we are blessed with one of the best climates in the world and ample outdoor space, unfortunately, we do not have a wide range and choice of outdoor furniture, especially products that can stand the test of time against natural elements, such as the pieces from one of the world leaders, Gandiablasco.


We have formed a team of top-class multidisciplinary professionals, effectuating a multifaceted and high level of expertise in the marketplace, offering a full spectrum of services and products.


Together we will write your story and create lasting and meaningful memories.





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Director, Founder


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Interior architect


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